Join the Club!

NOJCSC is constantly seeking new members, and we’d like to encourage you and your families to become members of our Club.

The Club was formed as a non-profit corporation in 1968 and is administered by volunteers whose aim is to perpetuate the living American music art form known as New Orleans Jazz.

Join NOJCSC and get…

  • Lots of great Classic Jazz performances, dancing and an all-around good time. The music is the foundation, but our focus is fun! We aim to return every dollar of the membership fees back to the members to better their enjoyment. We have four buffet luncheons every year, in addition to door prizes and snack bowls on the tables — all at no additional cost.
  • Lots of friends who also enjoy Classic Jazz.The Club provides a venue for all members to come together once a month and enjoy the music, dancing and camaraderie. And door prizes.
  • Lots of instrument time with Tailgate Room jam sessions. The Club also provides a "Tailgate Room" where musicians at every level may play their instruments with the assistance and coaching from more experienced musicians.

"Keep Classic Jazz alive. If we don’t, who will?"

How much does it cost?

Membership Categories

A. Musician or Volunteer $60
B. Musician or Volunteer couple $108
C. Non-musician $75
D. Non-musician couple $135
E. Out-of-State $25
F. Sustaining $60
G. Patron $100
H. Patron Saint $150+

All of the above are one-time donations for the year and include entrance to all normal 3rd-Sunday Club meetings.

Door Admission for Non-members

  • Non-members: $12 at the door for each club meeting
  • Visiting members of other Jazz Clubs: $6

How to join


  1. Fill out and submit the online application form.

  2. We will e-mail you instructions on how to submit club dues via PayPal or by snail mail.
  3. Party with us every 3rd Sunday of the month at Westminster Lanes!

Snail Mail

  1. Print out the PDF application form.
  2. Mail it in with your credit card info, check or money order. Or bring it to the next club meeting with your dues.
  3. Party with us every 3rd Sunday of the month at Westminster Lanes!

Not ready to join just yet? Sign up for our Intermission Newsletter.

Although it’s geared to our members in the Southern California area, we often times post relevant info on videos, bands, festivals and other Classic Jazz events.

Got questions?

Contact us on our contact page or e-mail us at membership [at] nojcsc [dot] org.