The "New Orleans Jazz Club of Southern California" became official in November 1968 when it filed for non-profit corporation status with the State of California. It had of course existed and thrived for many years before that and had recognized the importance of preserving the ‘Classic Jazz’ style of music.

Our mission statement from our filing documents stated:

  1. To foster and perpetuate classic jazz as a means of enhancing general culture, and to encourage the learning and the performing and the preservation thereof; and
  2. To encourage and stimulate recognition and appreciation of classic jazz musicians; and
  3. To provide opportunities and the means for teaching the classic jazz art form and the history and other subjects germane thereto, by precept and example and directed practice, to foster the development of musical talent therein.

Today, years later, we are continuing to run our club on these principles to keep ‘Classic Jazz’ alive and well.

"If we don’t, who will?" — John Hockins, NOJCSC

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