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October 2013 issue – NOJCSC Intermission Newsletter


October 1st, 2013


Please join us at our next Club meeting on Sunday, October 20, 2013 at the Press Box at Westminster Lanes, Westminster for an entertaining afternoon of Traditional Jazz and Swing featuring the Revelation Jazz Band and Club Musicians performing all afternoon.

The Club also offers members a “Tailgate” room set aside for musicians of all ages and skill levels to practice their instruments with direction from accomplished musicians.

  • Live Music from 1 PM to 5 PM.
  • Bar Service.
  • Large Dance Floor.
  • Big Daddy’s Cafe, offering delicious food and snacks.
  • Tailgate Room — musicians, bring your instruments for a jam session. Sign in with the music director. This room is for you!
  • Friends and Fun!

Paul Ingle’s visit

Well-known trombonist Paul Ingle from Melbourne, Australia, delighted the audience at our September club meeting with his marvelous trombone playing and spirited vocals. It was a wonderful treat to have him here!


Join the festivities and celebrate Halloween with us at our next club meeting on October 20th. Bask with Lady Redflash and her bevy of distinguished culinary cookie chefs!

Halloween costumes welcomed and encouraged!

New 11:30 Meeting Time for Youth Jazz Musicians

Starting with our October 20th club meeting, College and High School-age musicians will have their own rehearsal/workshop sessions starting at 11:30 AM in the Tailgate Room. These sessions will be coached by trombonist and educator Steve Tyler.

Each month, we will rehearse and prepare 2 to 3 tunes to perform at the Press Box main stage during the 1:00 PM set. This month’s tunes will be “Tin Roof Blues” and “Down By the Riverside”.

During the first set, the adult musicians will be ready for the younger players to sit in and play the songs they have worked on that morning. Youth players are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to begin to perform together on stage! Following the performance, youth players are invited to return to the Tailgate Room for informal jam sessions the rest of the afternoon.

About the NOJCSC Youth Jazz Band

The ultimate goal of the NOJCSC’s Youth Jazz Band project will be to form a true, self-contained performing ensemble, able to play at jazz clubs, community events and jazz festivals, without an adult musician needed to direct them during performances.

If you know a young musician (perhaps a child, grandchild, or even a neighbor or friend) who might want to get involved, please let them know about us! We are especially looking for clarinet/sax, piano and guitar/banjo players.

Please contact: Steve Tyler, steve [at] nojcsc [dot] org, cell/text (650) 224-8094.

Stay informed of the Youth Jazz Band’s activities through the Intermission newsletter, our website, and by “liking” the NOJCSC Facebook page!


The Club’s parasols are in need of care and attention. Anyone who can help — please contact Daryl at redflash1 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Thank you.

Membership Drive

“Membership Drive” is continually on the agenda of your Board of Directors. How else is our club and the music we all enjoy to be kept alive? Towards the end of each year we ask that you concentrate your efforts in bringing new members to the Club.

AND please RENEW your membership EARLY. Keep the impetus of our club and the beat of the music energized! Spread the gospel and bring your friends and families to visit our Club at Westminster.

Consider this: Together with our donation to such as the San Diego School Band, visiting bands and venue room rental, every other dollar of your dues payment is returned directly to you through our lunch buffets (4 times per year) and through our meeting attendance prizes and snack bowls. With the exception of 20 Honorary Life Members who have performed exceptional service to our club, there are no free passes.

Even the Revelation Classic Jazz Band — who extend themselves tremendously for the benefit of the club (and their deep love of the music) — pay dues. They receive no reimbursement for travel expenses or anything else.

RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW! For the good of the club it is never too early, but it CAN be too late. We have paid all our bills, but the next pizza party invoice will be upon us this December.

As John Hockins, our president says, “Keep Classic Jazz alive. If we don’t, who will?”.

Good seasonal wishes to you all.
— Your Board of Directors

Website and Facebook

As you know our website at has been completely revised and revitalized. Please let us know what you think and any additions that you would like to see!

The Club also has a Facebook page. “Like” our page to receive updates on Facebook.

Advisory Notice to our Members and Guests:

We will from time to time use photographs and/or video taken during the course of our Club Meetings. These photographs and/or videos may be used on our new Facebook page and website. Any member or guest must inform a board member if they do not wish to have their photo taken or appear in either photographs or video that may be posted online. —Board of NOJCSC.

Join the Club!

NOJCSC is constantly seeking new members, and we’d like to encourage you and your families to become members of our Club.

The Club was formed as a non-profit corporation in 1968 and is administered by volunteers whose aim is to perpetuate the living American music art form known as New Orleans Jazz.

Join NOJCSC and get…

  • Lots of great Classic Jazz performances, dancing and an all-around good time. The music is the foundation, but our focus is fun! We aim to return every dollar of the membership fees back to the members to better their enjoyment. We have four buffet luncheons every year, in addition to door prizes and snack bowls on the tables — all at no additional cost.
  • Lots of friends who also enjoy Classic Jazz. The Club provides a venue for all members to come together once a month and enjoy the music, dancing and camaraderie. And door prizes.
  • Lots of instrument time with Tailgate Room jam sessions. The Club also provides a “Tailgate Room” where musicians at every level may play their instruments with the assistance and coaching from more experienced musicians.

“Keep Classic Jazz alive. If we don’t, who will?”

How much does it cost?

G. PATRON $100

All of the above are one-time donations for the year and include entrance to all normal 3rd-Sunday Club meetings.

Door Admission for Non-members

  • Non-members: $12 at the door for each club meeting
  • Visiting members of other Jazz Clubs: $6


To apply, please fill out and submit the short online membership application on our website.

— Your Board of Directors


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For more information about our club or to see past issues of Intermission, please visit

If you have any questions, please contact NOJCSC president pro tem John Hockins at john [at] nojcsc [dot] org.


San Diego Adult Trad Jazz Camp, Jan 16-19, 2014
34th Annual San Diego Jazz Fest, Nov 27 - Dec 1, 2013
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  1. Don Robertson says:

    Thanks for sending this Newsletter, keep them coming. I am a transplanted Southern Californian (from Long Beach) Now living in Napa, CA. Also currently the editor for the Napa Valley Dixieland Jazz Society newsletter.
    Don’t get to So Cal much since my sister moved from Huntington Beach to Kauai in 2007. Looks like your club is doing well.

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