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November 2012 issue – NOJCSC Intermission Newsletter


November 1st, 2012



Join the Festivities!

Join us at our next club meeting on Sunday, November 18, 2012 at the Press Box at Westminster Lanes (info below) for an entertaining afternoon of traditional jazz featuring the Revelation Classic Jazz Band and guest musicians!

  • Live Music from 1 PM to 5 PM.
  • Bar Service.
  • Large Dance Floor.
  • Big Daddy’s Cafe, offering delicious food and snacks.
  • Tailgate Room — musicians, bring your instruments for a jam session. Sign in with the music director, Ray Siegel.
  • Friends and Fun!

Membership Drive

“Membership Drive” is continually on the agenda of your Board of Directors. How else is our club and the music we all enjoy to be kept alive. Towards the end of each year we ask that you concentrate your efforts in bringing new members to the Club.

AND please RENEW your membership EARLY. Keep the impetus of our club and the beat of the music energized! Spread the gospel and bring your friends and families to visit our Club at Westminster.

Consider this: Together with our donation to such as the San Diego School Band, visiting bands and venue room rental, every other dollar of your dues payment is returned directly to you through our buffets (4 times per year) and through our meeting attendance prizes and snack bowls. With the exception of 20 Honorary Life Members who have performed exceptional service to our club, there are no free passes.

Even the Revelation Classic Jazz Band — who extend themselves tremendously for the benefit of the club (and their deep love of the music) — pay dues. They receive no reimbursement for travel expenses or anything else.

RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW! For the good of the club it is never too early, but it CAN be too late. We have paid all our bills, but the next pizza party invoice will be upon us this December.

As John Hockins, our president says, “Keep Classic Jazz alive. If we don’t, who will?”.

Good seasonal wishes to you all.
— Your Board of Directors

For Sale

Conn 20J silver tuba with case & heavy duty Wenger stand.
$1500. Call Robert Butler (562) 682-1985


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